In His Eyes

In His Eyes


By Sarah Katreen Hoggatt

An exploration of the wondrous, ever-growing relationship the soul shares with God in times of darkness and transformation, Sarah expresses how God is passionately beside us every moment of our lives and compels the reader to lift up their face, soak in the sight of the stars, and to see God’s eyes returning their gaze in the night.


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There are times in our lives when the presence of only one person will satisfy the hunger in our souls, when only one can fill the void of deeper meaning.  This search crying aloud in every heart is what draws us out to gaze heavenward in awe at the millions of stars shining above.  The beauty of the stars reminds us of this One along with his great power and unfathomable glory.  What we sometimes don’t realize, though, is God stands there with us, gazing not at the stars, but at our upturned faces with deep, passionate love in his eyes.  This God who holds the moon in his hand uses the same hand to turn us to him so we can view his outpourings of grace for ourselves.

This miraculous and intimate relationship God wants to have with you is worshipfully explored in the poetry of “In His Eyes”, the continued story of “Learning to Fly,” crafted by the gifted and talented poet, Sarah Katreen Hoggatt.  Within these pages you will hear the voice of God speaking into your heart what he has longed for you to hear, a story of transformation and delight in the wonderful person he created in you.  As he holds you close, enjoy his presence, look up into the endless sea of stars, and lose yourself in the majestic love shining from his eyes.

“Your love for God is palpable. It is real and I love it. Thank you for sharing your heart and your insights.” ~Gloria Runyon

“I am grateful that you are able to so beautifully put into words that longing to be surrounded and infused with God’s love and light.” ~Gayle Matson

“You are such a gifted writer! I really enjoy your poetry. I’m looking forward to your third book.” ~Debbi Fontana

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